Garmin Instinct Solar Surf Watch Review

As a surfing enthusiast, one of the biggest struggles I have always encountered is finding a watch that would serve my needs. For a long time, I had to put up with substandard watches that often kept me in the dark regarding my surfing experience. I could not track my surfing distance or even know what tides were the best. 

I first experienced the Garmin Instinct Solar Surf Watch when I went surfing with one of my friends. His watch immediately caught my attention from its features and the number of things it could do. I decided to purchase the watch, and since then, the experience has been breathtaking. The watch's features, display, and qualities have greatly improved my surfing experience. 

Therefore if you are a surfer like me or an individual interested in outdoor sport, a perfect watch is one of the essential must-have items on your list. Solar-powered smartwatches have proven to be the best for most outdoor activities,atleast from personal experience. For this reason, the only way to have access to a watch that will blend in with surfing is to source it from a company renowned for making the mentioned type of watch. 

Garmin is here to change your surfing experience by providing you with a watch you have been looking for. The Garmin Instinct Solar Surf Watch is one of the products in its Instinct Solar Series products. The company that has been around since 1989 is undoubtedly one of the most preferred when it comes to creating various products for sporting activities. 

Currently, It has become my ultimate choice when it comes to finding technology-powered surfing items. I can honestly tell any surfing enthusiast who does not have this watch is missing out on a lot.

Surfers are the main target by Garmin for this particular watch as it comes with features that are adaptable to surfing. When you hear the word solar used alongside a product, you should already know that it could be using solar to power its system. Well, to confirm your assumptions, the Garmin Instinct Solar Surf Watch uses a solar panel whose primary role is to convert solar energy into power, which the watch uses to power its battery for a long time.

Through this article, I get to take you through what you are missing out on if you don't have this watch yet!

Garmin Instinct Solar Surf Watch Features

1. Data Recorder

Finding the perfect wave is very important for any surfer. Have you planned to go surfing but can't find the best tidal conditions? With the Instinct Solar Surf Watch, you get a chance to know what tidal conditions to expect because the watch provides you with enough data. Therefore this watch is a perfect surfing companion that needs to be part of your surfing equipment.

 The Instinct Solar Surf watch is not your ordinary surfing partner; I am sure you would want to capture various surfing occurrences. The watch gives you a chance to know what distance you have covered and the total number of waves; these are some features that you will not find with any other watch out there. For that wholesome experience, then this is the perfect watch for every surfer out there.

2. Safety Sensors

How about a watch that can measure your oxygen levels, heart rate and track stress. Well, this is what you get with the Garmin Instinct Solar Surf Watch. Before you head out surfing, it is crucial to know whether you are physically fit to do so. Most surf enthusiasts usually head out surfing without knowing their energy levels. You no longer don't have to be in the dark on your physical fitness before heading out because this watch can give you important alerts regarding your health.

3. Global Navigation Satelite Systems, Navigation Sensors and Barometer

The Garmin Instinct Solar Surf Watch comes with GPS for navigation purposes, a barometer to check out the weather and a compass that you can use to find your way home. Evidently, this is a watch that has considered all your personal needs.

4. Garmin Connect Application

The application works on both operating systems being Android and IOS. Once you get a hold of the watch, you will notice that all your surfing activities get recorded by this application. The application contains all the settings you need and can be accessed from within the application.

Garmin Instinct Solar Surf Watch Design

Surfing can sometimes present extreme weather conditions, and without a watch with a design that can withstand these conditions, your experience will not be wholesome. The solar smartwatch is tough and can resist extreme heat, water, and shock, putting this particular design ahead of most competitors in the market.

Garmin has invested in a material renowned for its best qualities like polymer and fibre. When it comes to the screen, it is made with scratch-resistant glass hence allowing you to comfortably surf without worrying about damaging your watch.

While most people tend to classify this watch as masculine, I find it unisex. While it's not your everyday watch that can be worn to functions outside outdoor activities, this is the perfect everyday surfing watch for any surfer. It can also fit informal functions if you want to wear it to informal functions.

Also, one remarkable thing about this watch is that it gives you a choice of two colors, cloud break and pipeline. Further, the watch allows you to change straps if you don't like the strap it comes with.


Not so many solar watches come with a two-window concept, but you get to enjoy this rare concept once you lay your hands on this watch. Also, while the display is only black and white, the design of this watch is meant to offer visibility, especially when you are exposed to the sun. The visibility is made possible because Garmin has invested in memory-in-pixel (MIP)

Further, the watch offers two options of style for the display, allowing you to have a wide range of choices regarding the kind of display you want. The watch is perfect for both nighttime and daytime use as its display is made to adapt to any light level.

The display also allows you to keep track of time and battery percentage. One of the outstanding features of the display is that it allows you to scroll through the screen to access various settings. If you would like to adjust the lighting, the display offers enough navigation to achieve this.

Pros and Cons

This watch has a lot of features that may it a superior watch for surfing and water activities. But I have to be honest here because there are always going to be cons.

Below is a list of most of the pros and cons

  • Recharge battery via solar energy
  • Up to 38 hours in GPS mode
  • Get Emails, Texts, etc
  • Tough construction by military standards. 
  • Large and thick
  • All the buttons can be confusing at first

Final Thoughts

Have you been having challenges with finding the perfect surfing watch? I believe you now know why the Garmin Instinct Solar Surf Watch is the ideal choice for you. Choosing this watch is choosing a wholesome and unforgettable experience as a surfer. 

Additionally, you get to contribute to environmental conservation by choosing solar-powered items through this watch. As someone who has experienced and continues to experience the benefits of this watch, this is a product I totally recommend. Access to the watch is just a click away. You can always make your purchases online, and it will be delivered to you in due time. Say goodbye to unpleasant surfing experiences by purchasing your watch here.

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